Pro 1700

Pro 1700


The ice cream “Pro”.

The most compact, professional ice-cream maker. Beautiful state of the art design. Sturdy aluminium body. Also suitable for home use by those in search of perfection. The ice-cream maker incorporates a refrigeration system which delivers a large number of refrigeration units in a very short time. The appliance is also equipped with a powerful mixing unit. Makes as many flavours as you wish, one after the other. Large 1.7 l. capacity. Comes with an aluminium removable bowl and an ice cream spatula. The refrigeration system complies with environmental regulations protecting the ozone layer When the ice cream is ready, a patented system keeps it costantly mixed and at the right temperature for an indefinite time.
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Bowl volume 1,70 l
Production per cycle 1,00 kg
Production per hour 2,00 kg
Preparation time 30 min
Removable bowl Yes
Storage function Yes