Pro 3000

Pro 3000


Pro 3000 is a professional long-cycle Gelato maker.

This unit comes with a 3.2-l removable bowl where you can process up to 1.5 kg. (1 ½ Quarts) of mixture every 20-40 minutes, based on the temperature requirements of your mixture and recipe. You can also work your mixture directly into the fixed bowls, thus minimizing preparation time and increasing your working capacity.

Thanks to the unit cover, made of hardened glass, you can conveniently use the machine as a counter top when not in use. The bowl comes with a plastic lid.

The machine body is entirely made of stainless steel, like the mixer blade, featuring replaceable silicone inserts. The blender motor is provided with an automatic reset thermostat.
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Bowl Volume 3,20 l
Production per cycle 1,20 kg
Production per hour 3,60 kg
Preparation time 20 min
removable bowl Yes
Gas R404 Yes